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Medical Hair Loss

For many undergoing Chemotherapy or Radiation, both men and woman state, hair loss is one of the side effects they fear most. Loosing hair can be more traumatic than the treatment itself and we are very sensitive to this issue. We recommend meeting with you soon after your doctor recommends treatment, when possible. This way we can best help you maintain " Your Look " prior to treatment. Our main goal is to help our clients choose a style and color as close to their natural hair as possible. This helps tremendously during this very sensitive period.
Additionally, clients with Alopecia Areata, Alopecia Totalis, Alopecia Universalis, Trichotillomania  (hair-pulling disorder) experience the same emotions with there hair loss and we can offer you the services of our skilled staff in selecting a stylish, natural and comfortable medical wig or hairpiece. At the Wig Studio we offer  a free consultation and fitting and you are welcome to bring a family member or friend with you for there support and opinion. Appointments are recommended. 

 The Wig Studio Designer Collection of Monofilament Top /  Hand Tied  / Medical Wigs

When you experience total hair loss our stylish Monofilament Top /  Hand  Tied wigs are generally the wig of choice . Unique mono tops create the illusion of skin where the hair is parted to achieve the most natural, realistic look. It looks just like your natural scalp taking on the color of your skin. The nature of the construction of the Monofilament base is comfortable, light and airy. The hair is 100% hand tied, strand by strand, the way the natural hair grows which enables styling versatility.  No matted hair at the base which can be a tell tale wig give away.  Specially designed for those with moderate to severe hair loss but can be worn by anyone who wants a wigs that is natural looking, comfortable and offers styling versatility.
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Stephanie & Eddie / Survivor